I help female entrepreneurs and professionals go from burnout to balance using a realistic self-care toolkit that fits their busy schedules


A Certified Life Coach's Guide to Self-Care

for Female Professionals

Most self-care strategies don't work for busy professionals. It's like they're designed by people who don't have a business and families to take care of, and they make unrealistic demands of our time.

So we are forced to deprioritize our well-being until we reach the point of burning out, health problems, or our relationships with our partners and kids suffer.

My journey to being a business owner, a professional psychotherapist, and a mom over the last 15 years has exposed me to many "self-care strategies".

And I became increasingly frustrated with the unrealistic and unhelpful information they give high-achieving women like you and me.

Let's be honest; what is the point of self-care techniques that are difficult to learn and can't be a part of an already busy schedule? What's the point in therapists or coaching programs that give instructions impossible for you to follow?

I decided that something needed to be done.

So I combined my knowledge as a Psychotherapist, my experience of owning a business, and high-performers habits and techniques into an approach to self-care that's made especially for female professionals like you and me.

And it changed my life to the point where I'm much more easily able to be fully present in my business and be the mom and wife I want to be and actually enjoy it.

Now I am on a mission to teach other female professionals how to prevent burnout by creating a self-care strategy that is easy to learn and can fit into their hectic schedules. The real secret? It's not just about managing your physical energy (although that is important!). It's about using the principles I know as a Psychotherapist to maintain a level of emotional balance that allows you to do much more with the same amount of energy.

My Expertise

Helping female professionals prevent burnout by having a balance that improves their emotional health and interpersonal relationships.

Who I Work With

Female professionals who want to learn effective self-care techniques that prevent burnout and transform their emotional health.

Realistic Self-Care for Busy Women:

From Overwhelmed to in Control

  • Personalized self-care plan tailored to the unique needs and schedule of each individual female entrepreneur or professional.
  • Helping clients identify and address underlying mental health issues contributing to burnout.
  • Teaching effective stress management techniques and time management strategies to handle the demands of running a business or working in a high-pressure profession.
  • Improving communication skills to foster better relationships with colleagues, partners, and family members.
  • Providing a supportive and non-judgmental environment for clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

How to prevent burnout by utilizing self-care techniques that actually crush burnout

I've made a free 15-minute video where I teach female professionals how to change unhelpful thoughts and emotional processes that are causing burnout in the first place.

Watch the free 15-minute training where I'll teach you how to prevent burnout by incorporating self-care techniques into your schedule that actually work for female professionals

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